Not a fan of Vera Bradley

by quinnchic

For those of you who don’t know, Vera Bradley, is an American design company that has swept the nation by storm. From handbags to accessories, Vera Bradley has gained the attention from women of all ages. It was all started by two ambitious women, Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia Miller. They started this business in 1982 with only $500 dollars in their pockets… hoping that this little amount of money would be all that they needed to get their business going – and they were right! Only three years later Vera Bradley became a multi-million dollar company. This accomplishment is truly remarkable but I appreciate the hard work that they’ve put into it but I just don’t find Vera Bradley products to be that special, nor appealing. 


Why don’t I like Vera Bradley you may ask?

Sorry but Vera Bradley just gives me anxiety. I don’t like how all the products are made out of heavy quilted cotton. It makes the bags look heavy and tacky, the accessories overly eccentric, and the small handbags, nauseating to look at. Here are some points to clearly state how I feel about it, if you didn’t already get the idea. 

1. Do they even know what solid colors are?

Prints are nice if you do them right. The prints and patterns that Vera Bradley produces are very eccentric and in your face. They have bold colors and just make me dizzy by looking at them. I feel as if Vera Bradley incorporated more neutral tones and less patterns then I would consider looking in the direction of these bags – but I doubt that will ever happen. 

2. Cotton, cotton, and more cotton

Oftentimes when people look at Vera Bradley bags they automatically think “diaper bags” … I know I do. They’re made out of heavy quilted cotton and that right there should just tell you something. Cotton bags are prone to odors and are very easy to dirty. Yeah, you can wash them but then that just makes their colors fade and the fuzzy lint sticks to it. Overall, cotton bags are a no go. They’re not professional and just not worth it – in my opinion. I would rather spend my money on a casual bag that is lighter and can store more things in it. Aside from bags, they have cotton everything else… bedspreads, keychains, cross body bags, makeup cases, lunch bags, etc etc.. It’s practically my living nightmare.. I’m so certain Vera Bradley creates these things to taunt me with it. Why in the world would anyone want this ugly printed, cotton quilted pattern on their bed?! It makes absolutely no sense to me, it repulses me. 

3. Tacky or ….tacky? vvbb

If you want to spend over $30 on a bag I don’t know why anyone would immediately shout out “VERA BRADLEY FOR SURE!” …I know I wouldn’t. Actually, scratch that, Vera Bradley bags go up to about $100 …. like… does anyone else see a problem with this? In my opinion these bags are repulsive. They’re always in your face and they’re just the ugliest and weirdest things I’ve ever seen. (I feel very strongly about them as you can see.)  They’re the kind of bags you see at CVS when summer is just about to begin… but the thing is, they’re beach bags. They’re very cheap beach bags that sell for about $5 each. AND THEY LOOK JUST LIKE VERA BRADLEY BAGS!! – so I guess only Lord knows why someone in their right mind would be eager to buy these bags.The thought of even wasting money on that makes me cringe. Why can’t you just go out and buy a nice bag for the same price?

You know what another problem is? Vera Bradley is targeted for women of all ages – literally. The company designs them in hopes that teens and great grandmothers would both be eager to buy them.

Now that’s quite a big age pool if you ask me. 

I’m sorry if this was offensive but I really don’t see the point in these bags.. if you’re reading this please give me your incite if you agree but mostly, if you disagree with me because I feel like I need to come to somewhat of an understanding when it comes to Vera Bradley products. Thank you!