All about Dior

by quinnchic

I have always had a passion for fashion. Everything about the fashion industry has always caught my eye. Everything about it is just so fascinating! All the different types of styles everyone in the fashion industry has is what makes it all so interesting. One of the main reasons I really became so interested was ever since I came across one of the best fashion designers to ever come about, Christian Dior.

His life story was just so interesting and to know how someone like him, with no family support, could make it so big in such a tough career really inspired me! Christian Dior, a French fashion designer, one of the top founders of the worlds top fashion house. Christian was born in Granville, France. His family had always hoped he would become something big, something different, something like a diplomat.

photo by fashion lover

photo by fashionlover

Something that was completely different of what Chrisitan ever dreamed of becoming.

Dior was always known to be very artistic, he wished to be involved in art. Everything about it just caught his attention like nothing else could. He would sell his fashion sketches for about ten cents each outside of his house. He then decided to leave school and open up a little art gallery with his fathers money. Christian and his friend would sell art by famous artists like Pablo Picasso. Sadly, three years later, many tragic events occurred to his family. His mother and brother had passed away, causing a huge financial disaster. Which meant the gallery had to be closed and caused his father losing control of Dior Freres. After leaving the military in 1942, he joined the fashion house of Lucien Lelong, where he was one of the primary designers. Since this fashion industry was labored for economic and artistic, he designed dresses for Nazi wives. After this, the fashion house of Dior was founded on December 8, 1946. The first name of his first line was called, Corolle. Dior was a master at creating shapes and making designs out of the ordinary. His dresses would flare out from the waist, giving women a curvaceous form.


photo by owened

photo by owened

Many protested because his designs often covered their legs. This was because of the limitation of fabric. Dior launched his first lipstick in 1953 “Rouge Dior”. He was then honored to be the first couturier to make the cover of Time magazine. Dior died on October 23, 1957, of a heart attack. Some say this happened after choking on a fish bone or after playing a game of cards, it is unknown. Some even say he died of a seizure. After his death, the fashion house of Dior launched many new fragrances, accessories, bags and clothes. Making success up in the fashion world. In 1995 the “Lady Dior is born” Princess Diana carries the legendary bag everywhere! Dior bags are very trendy. The designs of the hand bags are very rare and unique. His fashion line is just to die for! Everything about the Dior company is just incomparable and will always be the main reason for my love towards the fashion industry.