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Month: November, 2013

Not a fan of Vera Bradley

For those of you who don’t know, Vera Bradley, is an American design company that has swept the nation by storm. From handbags to accessories, Vera Bradley has gained the attention from women of all ages. It was all started by two ambitious women, Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia Miller. They started this business in 1982 with only $500 dollars in their pockets… hoping that this little amount of money would be all that they needed to get their business going – and they were right! Only three years later Vera Bradley became a multi-million dollar company. This accomplishment is truly remarkable but I appreciate the hard work that they’ve put into it but I just don’t find Vera Bradley products to be that special, nor appealing. 


Why don’t I like Vera Bradley you may ask?

Sorry but Vera Bradley just gives me anxiety. I don’t like how all the products are made out of heavy quilted cotton. It makes the bags look heavy and tacky, the accessories overly eccentric, and the small handbags, nauseating to look at. Here are some points to clearly state how I feel about it, if you didn’t already get the idea. 

1. Do they even know what solid colors are?

Prints are nice if you do them right. The prints and patterns that Vera Bradley produces are very eccentric and in your face. They have bold colors and just make me dizzy by looking at them. I feel as if Vera Bradley incorporated more neutral tones and less patterns then I would consider looking in the direction of these bags – but I doubt that will ever happen. 

2. Cotton, cotton, and more cotton

Oftentimes when people look at Vera Bradley bags they automatically think “diaper bags” … I know I do. They’re made out of heavy quilted cotton and that right there should just tell you something. Cotton bags are prone to odors and are very easy to dirty. Yeah, you can wash them but then that just makes their colors fade and the fuzzy lint sticks to it. Overall, cotton bags are a no go. They’re not professional and just not worth it – in my opinion. I would rather spend my money on a casual bag that is lighter and can store more things in it. Aside from bags, they have cotton everything else… bedspreads, keychains, cross body bags, makeup cases, lunch bags, etc etc.. It’s practically my living nightmare.. I’m so certain Vera Bradley creates these things to taunt me with it. Why in the world would anyone want this ugly printed, cotton quilted pattern on their bed?! It makes absolutely no sense to me, it repulses me. 

3. Tacky or ….tacky? vvbb

If you want to spend over $30 on a bag I don’t know why anyone would immediately shout out “VERA BRADLEY FOR SURE!” …I know I wouldn’t. Actually, scratch that, Vera Bradley bags go up to about $100 …. like… does anyone else see a problem with this? In my opinion these bags are repulsive. They’re always in your face and they’re just the ugliest and weirdest things I’ve ever seen. (I feel very strongly about them as you can see.)  They’re the kind of bags you see at CVS when summer is just about to begin… but the thing is, they’re beach bags. They’re very cheap beach bags that sell for about $5 each. AND THEY LOOK JUST LIKE VERA BRADLEY BAGS!! – so I guess only Lord knows why someone in their right mind would be eager to buy these bags.The thought of even wasting money on that makes me cringe. Why can’t you just go out and buy a nice bag for the same price?

You know what another problem is? Vera Bradley is targeted for women of all ages – literally. The company designs them in hopes that teens and great grandmothers would both be eager to buy them.

Now that’s quite a big age pool if you ask me. 

I’m sorry if this was offensive but I really don’t see the point in these bags.. if you’re reading this please give me your incite if you agree but mostly, if you disagree with me because I feel like I need to come to somewhat of an understanding when it comes to Vera Bradley products. Thank you!


Colombian couture controversy

Since my attendance at Rutgers University I have been exposed to a very diverse environment. I have been introduced to different aspects of the fashion by engaging in the fashion communities of new cultures I have learned about here at Rutgers. A Colombian friend told me about fashion in her country and how recently there was a huge problem concerning a very famous fashion writer.

Pilar Castaño, a Colombian fashion designer, recently published the book “The Wonders of Being a Woman” that contained plagiarized sketches. Pilar Castaño is a highly respected Colombian fashion enthusiast that has published countless books all about the world of fashion. In 2013 Castaño decided to publish “The Wonders of Being a Woman” hiring an 18 year old girl who looked like a professional sketch artist. She thought could trust her, she thought she wouldn’t betray her.

photo by el tiempo

photo by el tiempo

Unfortunately this girl, Gabriela Salazar ended up taking the designs from different illustrators around the United States. Castaño’s book made it to Latin American Vogue where it was seen by one of the artists who’s work was plagiarized. This then caused a lot of controversy in the cyber world and called the attention of sketch artists all over the United States. It turned out that the designer Castaño did not verify the credentials behind every design of the young illustrator making her guilty of the chargers of plagiarism. This event caused a lot of problems for both the author and the illustrator. The credibility of the author is no longer the same, making her work of more than 30 years being questioned. This case stood out to me a lot, even though my specialty isn’t sketching it is the big picture that makes this so important.

The fashion industry is very difficult to succeed in , very few people actually make it in this fashion world.

With all the competition going on it is important to respect the work of others, avoiding all form of plagiarism. Vogue had to take back all of the books printed, billing the young illustrator 80,000 dollars. This does not include the amount that the sketch artists are asking for. This incident has affected the illustrator making her at risk in regard for her tuition at Parsons University in New York City. Gabriela received partial scholarship and sends her sketches as part of her portfolio. It was said that she is now being a question and debated for expulsion. Hopefully Gabriela has learned from her mistake and will give positive things to the fashion world instead of plagiarizing and giving innocent writers bad names. One day personally I hope to look back at my life and see that I have contributed positive things to the fashion industry creating a name for myself. Thankfully this incident has been brought to light and hopefully it has scared people and prevented them from committing this horrendous crime.

All about Dior

I have always had a passion for fashion. Everything about the fashion industry has always caught my eye. Everything about it is just so fascinating! All the different types of styles everyone in the fashion industry has is what makes it all so interesting. One of the main reasons I really became so interested was ever since I came across one of the best fashion designers to ever come about, Christian Dior.

His life story was just so interesting and to know how someone like him, with no family support, could make it so big in such a tough career really inspired me! Christian Dior, a French fashion designer, one of the top founders of the worlds top fashion house. Christian was born in Granville, France. His family had always hoped he would become something big, something different, something like a diplomat.

photo by fashion lover

photo by fashionlover

Something that was completely different of what Chrisitan ever dreamed of becoming.

Dior was always known to be very artistic, he wished to be involved in art. Everything about it just caught his attention like nothing else could. He would sell his fashion sketches for about ten cents each outside of his house. He then decided to leave school and open up a little art gallery with his fathers money. Christian and his friend would sell art by famous artists like Pablo Picasso. Sadly, three years later, many tragic events occurred to his family. His mother and brother had passed away, causing a huge financial disaster. Which meant the gallery had to be closed and caused his father losing control of Dior Freres. After leaving the military in 1942, he joined the fashion house of Lucien Lelong, where he was one of the primary designers. Since this fashion industry was labored for economic and artistic, he designed dresses for Nazi wives. After this, the fashion house of Dior was founded on December 8, 1946. The first name of his first line was called, Corolle. Dior was a master at creating shapes and making designs out of the ordinary. His dresses would flare out from the waist, giving women a curvaceous form.


photo by owened

photo by owened

Many protested because his designs often covered their legs. This was because of the limitation of fabric. Dior launched his first lipstick in 1953 “Rouge Dior”. He was then honored to be the first couturier to make the cover of Time magazine. Dior died on October 23, 1957, of a heart attack. Some say this happened after choking on a fish bone or after playing a game of cards, it is unknown. Some even say he died of a seizure. After his death, the fashion house of Dior launched many new fragrances, accessories, bags and clothes. Making success up in the fashion world. In 1995 the “Lady Dior is born” Princess Diana carries the legendary bag everywhere! Dior bags are very trendy. The designs of the hand bags are very rare and unique. His fashion line is just to die for! Everything about the Dior company is just incomparable and will always be the main reason for my love towards the fashion industry.

Calling all online shoppers

Living in the post-modern world isn’t always a good thing. Yes technology is great and all but sometimes people tend to take advantage of what they have. For an example, online shopping has become an obsession of many – causing those to lose grip and slowly sink into bankruptcy. That’s why I have a solution! Shopping online but saving a whole lot more. Are you tired of spending too much of your time and money on the internet? I’ll show you fashion savvy websites and apps you can download that give you a wide variety of cute and cheap clothing!


Tobi is an absolutely fantastic website. They sell women’s clothes that are designated towards teenagers to adults. It’s an extremely afforable website that offers you great deals. It has anything you can think of – from handbags and accessories to vests and jackets. Sorry! No shoes though! The clothes always look great and fit just right. What’s great about this website is that it offers each customer 50% off their first order! Great deals & great clothes. I’d definitely check it out if I were you!


Ever see cute outfits on Instagram and you don’t know where to get it? Your answer is Lookbookstore.co . This website is phenomenal, and believe it or not everything is super cheap. Aside from the jackets,  I haven’t seen many things over $35 … and the fabric of the clothes looks very rich in material – nothing looks tacky, it’s great. They have the absolute cutest rompers – perfect for summertime wear. My favorite is the cream lace romper (shown to the right). The format of the romper defines the best parts of a woman’s body. But it doesn’t stop there. The accessories page on this website is out of this world. The metal cutout necklaces are high in demand as well as the wing round cuff earring. There is just so much variety on this website you can’t NOT like something. 


Wanelo isn’t a website, it’s an app. You can download it for your iPhone or droid and if you’re a crazy shopper like me – you’ll love it. You see, I have this problem where I have an idea on what I want to buy, but I just can’t find it no matter how many times I’ve tried to google it. Now Wanelo, Wanelo will change your life. Wanelo is a shopping research engine app that, by solely looking at tags you’ve created in your search, pulls up hundreds of pictures of what you’re looking for. Now if you come across something that interests you, you can click on it and either choose to “save it” or “buy it.” If chosen to save it, it will stay on your profile until you’re ready to buy it. Impulsive shopper? click “buy it” and Wanelo sends you to the website that sells this particular item. It’s probably the most useful app I have. Download it now!