Trends that come and go

by quinnchic

 Some trends are timeless, others are not. The theme of the 70s is now coming back in style as it has become popular to wear jean jackets, maxi skirts, patterned leggings, and, wait for it… flare jeans. Yes, flare jeans are slowly making their way to societal acceptance everyone!  I’ll give you the low-down on how to wear these trendy garments and who’s wearing them!


Jean Jackets

Jean Jackets are single handedly the most basic item one can have in her wardrobe, but probably one of the most useful. These denim assets have come back and forth, time and time again. Hopefully soon they’ll be here to stay. You can literally throw them on anything you want. If you’re feeling bummy, throw them over a sweater and pair it up with comfy yoga pants. If you’re feeling super casual, throw on some combat boots, leggings, leg warmers, Imageyour jean jacket (or jean shirt!), and even a beanie if you’re feeling wild. Want to dress it up a bit? Look at how Rashida Jones, January Jones, and Emmy Rossum wore their beloved denim jackets. They’re fitted, classic accent pieces to any outfit. Jean jackets are always the way to go if you’re ever lost in your closet.


Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are the typical hippy skirts, but that’s what’s in right now. They can be casual or formal and thrown with a cropped top or big sweater. These have to be my most favorite article of clothing I have ever/ will ever own. Maxi skirts are everything to me. They’re so so so Imagecomfortable and so chic. I love everything about them! They fit everyone’s figure, short or tall, thin or thick – they’re great! Here’s a tip when wearing maxi’s : if you want to look taller, go for a maxi skirt that is tiered, it makes your legs look longer! Check out these fab celebs rocking their maxi skirts! 




Patterned Leggings

Does this make you cringe? It would’ve made me cringe five years ago. Now, patterned leggings are seen everywhere and are worn in any way possible: under skirts, under dresses, with boots, with sandals, with heels, big sweaters, and cropped tops. They’re a funky accent piece and range from tribal patterns to flowers, strips to polka dots. The possibilities are endless. My idol, Beyonce, rocked these blue tribal leggings walking around New York. She had an all black outfit on which looked great but with that splash of electric blue printed leggings, her outfit was complete. Leggings are great for everyone because they’re eccentric, make you look slimmer, cheap, and most of all, comfortable. Be like Beyonce and get yours now!Image


Flare Jeans

This may seem like a debatable topic but flare jeans are so in right now. Skinny jeans have taken the reign for quite some time but I’m ready to see the flare back in action. I like the look of flare jeans. They make outfits look more alive in my opinion, more chic and daring. They’re tricky pieces however because they’re only to be worn with high heels, flats, or sandals – nothing else. Combat boots and tall boots are so in right now so it’s hard to incorporate flare jeans into your wardrobe if you are obsessed with wearing boots, but I think you should give it a try. Just look at how lean and flattering Gwyneth Paltrow and ImageClaudia Schiffer look in their flare jeans. Grab a couple of shades of these flare jeans and experiment with your outfits. Add scarves and blazers to spice it up. Have fun with it!