Once upon a runway

by quinnchic

Our favorite idols, our favorite actresses, and our favorite disney divas … 

Gone Right vs. Gone Wrong

Let’s look back when I was young, say, circa 2006, when there was Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana… to now 

boy how things change… 

These Disney Divas who starred in those shows are now growing up, in two very different directions. 


photo by Strut her Style

Selena Gomez, Mexican-American pop star with a sweet smile who was known for wearing v-necks, skinny jeans, and converse is now strutting her stuff in sheer tops and leather pants. Her style now is a little bit edgy, but still presentable. Oftentimes she models what Rachel Bilson wears because she really likes her simple yet chic style. Selena wears what’s appropriate for her body size and always always always mixes it up. From fur vests and sneaks to sleek, backless jumpsuits, Selena knows how to get it together. She tends to keep in mind the phrase, “less is more.”

Even when Gomez was seen wearing that burgundy and white jumpsuit, it still looked great! She wore it the right way: with hair done, makeup simple, and shoes just right. When Selena mixes up her outfits, she does it right. I practically cringe at the thought of wearing sneakers and a dress but when Selena wears it, it couldn’t look any better.

“Three things that girls must have in their closet: jeans, heels, and a scarf.” – Selena Gomez 

And I couldn’t agree with that any more! Those are three basic items to one’s wardrobe but they couldn’t be any more useful. Jeans can be worn casually or formally, skinny to flare, anytime and anywhere. Heels are a no-brainer, c’mon. And scarves?! Let me tell you something, you can wear the same outfit for a week and with a simple scarf change, it looks like you’ve been wearing a different outfit every single day! … just kidding, that’s a little grimy but you get what I mean.

As you come to study more and more about her style, you realize how neutral the colors are of her garments and how she rarely wears jewelry. She just throws on a dark shade of lipstick, and pairs up crucial assets and calls it a day. You rock SG, love what you wear, all the time. 


Oh Hannah Montana now where do I begin with you. I love Miley Cyrus, I think she’s great, an inspiration (in many different aspects) and an overall sweet girl. However, this girl has gone crazy after her breakup with Liam Hemsworth. Maybe it’s the “growing up” part, maybe it’s the breakup, or maybe it’s just her gaining more publicity. But whatever it is, I don’t think it’s a good look for her. 


photo by Steal her Style

Abercrombie shirts, flare jeans, cowboy boots, and can’t forget about the glittery accessories, all changed this past year. Miley Cyrus went from country girl lovin’ to literally living life on the edge. With a hair dye and hair cut, red lipstick, and skin tight clothes, Miley Ray Cyrus surely puts on a show wherever she goes. Miley doesn’t wear much nowadays… but if she does wear something it’s latex and leather. The things she wears isn’t giving her positive feedback so I think it’d be better if she had just stopped what she was doing and reevaluate her life a little bit. I love Miley but her outfits are way too revealing and simply look tacky. 

I loved Miley when she wore free people, H&M, and Forever21. She wore chic, hip, clothes that were presentable, fashion-forward, and form fitting. Miley just needs to get her act together and mature a little bit before she takes it farther than she already has.

Hopefully this is just a phase, a phase that won’t be repeated.