I see a bottom of a stiletto and I want it painted red

by quinnchic


photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images, Paul Schutzer/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Every girl loves a good pair of heels. Whether they’re business casual or friday night clubbing stilettos, heels are a must-have item in any girl’s closet. 

This trendy heel has been around since 1954 when French shoemaker and designer for Dior, Roger Vivier, created this 3-inch heel sensation.  From that day forward, stilettos became a world-wide obsession. From patent leather to suede, bright red to black, and 3 inch to 6 inch, the stiletto will never be out of style. 

But the type of shoe many women can only dream of having are Louboutins, Christian Louboutins. These stilettos are TO. DIE. FOR. and I have yet to meet a girl who doesn’t obsess over these. Ever since I saw my idol, Lauren Conrad, wear Louboutin’s at the 2009 MTV movie awards, I became passionate about them and obsessed to the point that I could notice if someone was wearing them without even looking at the red bottom.

Not only do I love the styles of the Louboutin stilettos but I love the red bottoms. They make them look different from other stilettos – it makes a statement. It’s bold. It’s fierce

Sadly enough, as much as I crave to walk a minute in these heels of my dreams, they are ridiculously expensive and my minimum wage job just isn’t cutting it. I wish I could pull a Blake Lively and buy 40 pairs of them in one setting, but I cannot. 


In the near future I do see myself in the fashion industry and I do see myself pushing me towards success and if I do reach my goal as a successful fashion icon, I will certainly treat myself to one of these beloved stilettos. 

As for now I’ll be buying some Steve Maddens, buckets of red paint, and a paint brush and get to work. Fake it ’til you make it, right?